Trailer 2

Jack sends an sms somewhat like this
When u r together with that person, u pretend 2 ignore that person... if u r much more xcited 4 one short msg from that person than many other long msgs,  when u cant erase ur inbox coz of 1 msg from that person,  u keep telling urself that he/she is just a friend.. WHILE READING THIS MSG,if sumbody comes 2 ur mind,... = U R IN LUV WITH THAT PERSON...!

Jack : who came in your mind?
Ana : nobody.
Jack : rele? don lie to me.
Ana : ok someone came but I am not telling you.
Jack : you wont tell me ah? ok don't talk to me until u tell who
Ana : u came in my mind
Jack : don't talk to me until you tell the truth.
Ana : :-( go ya. first u tell me u wont talk until I tell u, now u won't believe when I am telling the truth.
Jack : ok I believe you.
Ana gets to know that some gal slept on Jack's shoulder (first time)
Ana : don talk to me
Jack : y? what did I do?
Ana : Why did u let her sleep on your shoulder?
Jack : I didn't.You know I don't like disturbing ppl when they r sleeping.So I didn't wake up.when she woke up I gave a  "do not sleep again" look
Ana : "don't sleep again look itseems.
Jack : Y r u angry anyways.
Ana : I am not angry.Am J
Jack : what is 'J'
Ana : Jealous
Jack : (why she is J?)
(second time)
Ana : nobody can sleep on your shoulder apart from me.
Jack : nobody?
Ana : yes nobody
Jack : It was my cousin sister.I'l ask her to take permission from you next time.
Ana : If it is from your family then ok.I didn't know it was ur cousin.sorry
Ana : Go ya, don't talk to me. go talk to that girl only
Jack : she gave me the shawl when I shivering from cold out there, and you too were't there to talk to.
Ana : Everything is fair in love and war(for the n'th time)
Jack : (wish I knew which one it is here)


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