Thursday, December 30, 2010

Despicable Me

You can expect the extraordinary which you always get to see in animated movies.I don't want to ruin the secret by telling you what the movie is based on.I will just tell you that it is about stealing things which very few might have thought in their dreams.well that should do.

When a criminal mastermind uses a trio of orphan girls as pawns for a grand scheme, he finds himself profoundly changed by the growing love between them.


This definitely goes into my unstoppable movies list(which you can't stop watching in the middle).

With an unmanned, half-mile-long freight train barreling toward a city, a veteran engineer and a young conductor race against the clock to prevent a catastrophe.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


This is actually prequel to the DEATH RACE movie.
I suggest you to watch the Death Race again rather than watching this.

A couple of scenes here and there are good,but I don't think its worth watching full.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dial M for Murder

Can there be a perfect murder?
Atleast there can be a perfect plan for murder
and a perfect movie.

This is one of the flawless movies which happen to catch the small flaws.
A good watch.
To give an idea "It is sherlock holmes of 50's"

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This movie has the best introduction of characters ever.

Even-though this is slightly slow for 2010,it is faster than 80% of movies getting released today.
So it is worth watching.You won't regret it.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hear Me 听说

A very very simple,but sensitive,sensible goood movie.
watch it.

Love and dreams are miraculous. They don't need to be heard, said, or translated.

Friday, October 22, 2010


You gotta watch this movie,It is sooo funny,and horrible comedy timing.

Aakrosh 2010 movie stills
It tries to compete with the funniest action scenes ever.
Don't even think of watching it in theaters.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is really curious

It had been long since the movie had come and I had forgot who the actor was.Believe me, the acting and makeup is so good that I couldn't recognize him for nearly an hour. I liked n-1 scenes of the movie. 

This visually and emotionally rich movie recalls the life of a very peculiar man born in the early 20th century who
ages backwards. His tale unfolds through a diary read by the daughter of his love, Daisy. Throughout life he goes through the same things we do, growing up and eventually growing old. He's a thoughtful observer, discovering life from all different angles.

 But it is not his life that makes him unique. His love is what makes him special. He spends a lifetime trying to understand how his love for Daisy works and still only gets a few incredible years really loving her. As their lives tell us, the years of frustration and hardship are all worth it if only for a few moments of happiness. 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Au Revoir Taipei (Yi ye Taipei )

This is just a very simple, good movie.

Au Revoir Taipei reminds me of some Western romantic films where love affairs are often thrown in with gangsters, cops, chases etc. But this film clearly is a lot more light hearted contained some hilarious dialogs between the characters. 

The colors in this film are vibrant, contrasting the night sky, which is very pleasant to behold. There are many locations in the film which I recognized that only added to the realism.

 I wish there will be more movies like this coming out from Taiwan where intelligent plots and genuine comedic moments dominate.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

why vampires suck

Here is a funny blog which I came across with.It's by 
-MooMooCow. Please adjust with the gramatical mistakes here.
But before that I need to say that 'vampires suck' sucks.

Why Vampire Sucks?

Nuffnang is giving out tickets for the movie Vampires Suck! I'll have to share why Vampires Suck to get the tickets! So, i am writing it now. Err, but twilight fans better don't continue reading.

Why Vampire sucks?

First of all, They suck blood.
Not like mosquito, which sucks only a little tiny volume of blood from your body.
They will suck you until you are dry. And yeah, you are dead now.
And, imagine what will happen to them when they suck a person's blood which have HIV.
LOL. An AIDS vampire is moving around in the town?!

They look so pale, but their lips are so red.
I am wondering why they are so pale. Are they using whitening cream?

OH NO, it's so gay. And if yes, maybe they can be the Spokesperson of the whitening cream already. A vampires using whitening cream? it's sucks.

And and, why they lips so are red? Are they make up beside using the whitening cream? LOL

Many vampires looks depress, atleast what i saw from twilight.
Their hobby are acting cool? Or maybe they are just EMO.
Oh no, an EMO vampire.

They never die and does not need to sleep.
I believe most of the doctor will lose the job if we all are vampires.
and "never die" does not make sense at all.
and, They do not need to sleep also.

So when at midnight, if you saw someone peeping you through the windows, maybe its vampire. Oh yeah if it happen, please open the window and tell them, they are sucks.

They sparkle under sun. What?! Aren't they should be dying when they saw the sunlight? And now, they sparkle like a fairy. 

So a little girl may thought the vampire is fairy when she saw them sparkle under sun. Haiz, what a pity little girl.

They can run with very fast speed, and even fly.
Why they just go and join the Olympic instead of chase people to suck their blood? Because they sucks.

And they can fly.

Imagine a vampire flying around the airport, for example, KLIA. I bet they will surely bang by a aeroplane. And u guess what the pilot will say to the control center? "Oh no!! My aeroplane bang a Vampire! Help! control center please response!"
Do you think the control center will believe? LOL.

That's all for me. Sorry for having so much reason why vampires sucks.
Because they do really sucks.

Sorry to all twilight fans if you all feel offended. I told you not to read already. =/

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

If You Are the One (Fei Cheng Wu Rao )

If I happen to watch the movie without changing the channel even during the advertisements,then the movie definitely gotta be good.

Qin Fen, a funny, honest, single inventor, met a girl called Smiley(Qi shu), who was in agony of her boyfriend's betrayal. They traveled to Hokkaido, tried to help Smiley cure her pain in heart, and both of them gradually found their true love and life redemption during the journey.

You might have seen her, liked her, and also forgot her when you watched the movie Transporter of 2002.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

I enjoyed watching this movie.
Connor Mead, a successful fashion photographer and a Lothario keen on casual sex, goes to his younger brother's wedding to convince him not to marry. He arrives at his dead uncle's estate during the rehearsal the night before the wedding; he starts in, taking his brother aside, trashing marriage. 
Later in the men's room, his uncle, who taught Connor all he knows about women, appears to him, confesses to have been wrong, and tells Connor that three ghosts will visit him that night: the ghosts of girlfriends past, present, and future. Connor has already set the breakup in motion. Can he learn anything from his life and fix what he's broken?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lifu istene

Its goood....and its not at all a waste as I had thought it might be, before watching.

Here's what movie has got: 2 much galu's and 3 much fun.

Everyone's acting is outstanding. Few ideas are too good. Nidhi is cute throughout. No comments on bhatta (Diganth).

Towards the end its like Is it gonna end here?! please don't...
not even here....
defenitely don't end it here....
It ends....:)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Here's one of the very few dramas I enjoyed watching.Watch it but don't get carried away by any part of it.
The basic plot is: Jean (Gad Elmaleh), a shy young bartender, is mistaken for a millionaire by a beautiful, scheming opportunist, Irene (Audrey Tautou). When Irene discovers his true identity, she abandons him-- only to find that a lovelorn Jean has no intention of letting go. Jean's comical attempts to gain her affections gradually evolve into setting himself up as a gigolo at a luxury hotel until Irene finally starts to warm to her persistent, persuasive suitor. Set in a wildly atmospheric backdrop of the south of France, Priceless might be seen as a modern twist on Breakfast at Tiffanys, but is so much more when one sees the chemistry of the key actors.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tere Bin Laden

The film stars Ali Zafar,

 the pop singer from Pakistan, in the lead role as an ambitious young reporter, who in desperation to migrate to the US, makes a fake Osama Bin Laden video(after being deported once and rejectected 7 times) using a look-alike, and sells it to TV channels. The film is a spoof on Osama Bin Laden and his brand of terrorism, as well as a comic satire on America's war against terror and repercussions of 9/11 on the common man.

Even being a Low-budget satire 'Tere Bin Laden' that released Friday, grossed over Rs 50 crore in its opening weekend.
It has got good acting from all actors and its a good time-pass movie.


I have got only one thing to say about it

"go watch it"

Monday, July 5, 2010

I hate love stories

This ain't any different.....

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Irumbu kottai Murattu Singam-A tamil cowboy movie:)

The story in a nutshell follows the typical cowboy film formula popularised by legends like actor John Wayne and director Sergio Leone’s “spaghetti westerns”- guns, girls, horses, exotic wild outdoors and the final shoot out between the good guys and the bad guys. 
Actor Lawrence who is the murattu singam in the movie has revealed his acting talent with a touch of hilarious expressions and great tricks like the way he handles the gun, the cigar etc.
Here are few things which makes the movie a must watch:
It is 1 of the brilliant movies I have ever seen in Tamil.
It is too hilarious,especially the shadow moving much slower to his actions(graphics is good) and a tribal translator who translates everything including the actions and sentiments(overpowering the main speaker itself)...
They have copied many things from many movies(ideas, music...many more things) but still it won't affect the viewers much...
They go for a treasure hunt and find a dust covered ID of Dr.Jones from Hamilton university(ya Indiana Jones) there.
They try almost every possible way(pictured in Indiana Jones series) and fail. When everyone gets tired trying and sit on the stools there the door opens,this scene is very comic....
There are many many more funny scenes and witty dialogues...
It has good mixing of comedy with action, laced with one-liners, slapstick humor, sentiments, and songs.
I refer you to watch this movie....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My favorite author

Dan Brown (born June 22, 1964) is an American author of thriller fiction, best known for the 2003 bestselling novel, The Da Vinci Code. Brown’s novels feature the recurring themes of cryptography, keys, symbols and codes, and have been translated into 51 languages.

Brown’s novels that feature the lead character Robert Langdon also include historical themes and Christianity as recurring motifs, and as a result, have generated controversy. Brown states on his website
 that his books are not anti-Christian, as he is a Christian himself, and says of his book The Da Vinci Code that it is simply “an entertaining story that promotes spiritual discussion and debate” and suggests that the book may be used “as a positive catalyst for introspection and exploration of our faith”.
According to me he has named the lead character as Langdon because of the artist

'John Langdon' without whom the ambigrams would have been impossible.

And here are few similarities in all of his books:
Each novel begins with a murder.
There will be very few and necessary characters in the novel.
The lead character will have some expertise in the field which helps in solving the mystery behind the murder.
He'l get a call when he's asleep, to go somewhere.
There'l be a lady related to the victim.
And the best part, all stories happen in one single day.

The one more best part about his books is 'all the description related to art, architecture, technology, weapons in the novel are real'. 

Wishing him a very happy birthday. 
Hope we get to read him a lot in the future.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Movie starts in 1980 period when a group of friends celebrate their fare well party. These friends promise each other to keep in touch even after decades of separation. One among the group is Hanumantha Rao (Tamil actor Prabhu) who has a son Prabha and the other in the group is Vishwanath (Ahuthi Prasad) who has a daughter Nandini. To reach their professional goals Vishwanath and his daughter travel to Switzerland while Hanumantha Rao becomes a criminal lawyer to settle down in India and thus Prabha and Nandini gets separated in their childhood.
Years after their separation these old friends call for a re union and grown up Prabha (Prabhas) is eager to see his love Nandini (Kajal Agarwal). But, another girl Nisha (Shradhdha Das) daughter of goon (Mukesh Rishi) attempts for a suicide when Prabha doesn’t accept her love.

Next comes the best part of the movie. I don’t want to ruin your suspense. Lots of twists and turns happen. Overall the movie is good and watchable. You won’t feel bored to watch Prabhas or Kajal.

Picturization of Hyderabad tourist spots (Charminar, Golconda Fort, Tank Bund, Budhdha Statue) in Switzerland snow style was one of the best parts to show Karunakaran’s style of working.

Don’t miss the climax ‘supposed to be action scene’. It’s hilarious. You can’t stop laughing.
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