Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is really curious

It had been long since the movie had come and I had forgot who the actor was.Believe me, the acting and makeup is so good that I couldn't recognize him for nearly an hour. I liked n-1 scenes of the movie. 

This visually and emotionally rich movie recalls the life of a very peculiar man born in the early 20th century who
ages backwards. His tale unfolds through a diary read by the daughter of his love, Daisy. Throughout life he goes through the same things we do, growing up and eventually growing old. He's a thoughtful observer, discovering life from all different angles.

 But it is not his life that makes him unique. His love is what makes him special. He spends a lifetime trying to understand how his love for Daisy works and still only gets a few incredible years really loving her. As their lives tell us, the years of frustration and hardship are all worth it if only for a few moments of happiness. 


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