Trailer 1

 The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Especially you Xiàtiān.

Ana : Tell me how your dream girl should be?
Jack : (why is she asking me this all of a sudden when I have not mentioned anything not even close???)

Jack's friend ask this Ana "are you his sister by any chance?"
Jack get teased by his friends since her reply was "nooooo" not just "no"
Jack : (why did she say noooo)

Jack gets an idea she might be liking someone.
Jack :  do you like him?
Ana : no(jack will be convinced by her after many times)

Ana : my friends think we r seeing eachother
Jack : (y is she saying that to me? should we be?is that what she is trying to imply?)

Ana : u don't miss me, do u?
Jack : (I miss you very badly,but what is she upto)

Ana : u know when I was missing you very badly? It was during the sunset.It was soooo beautiful gotha.
Jack : (what am I supposed to take from that?)

Ana : u know my watch and yours are in love with each other,they want to get married itseems.
Jack : (why is she coming up with this idea?)

wait for Trailer 2.....


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