Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My favorite author

Dan Brown (born June 22, 1964) is an American author of thriller fiction, best known for the 2003 bestselling novel, The Da Vinci Code. Brown’s novels feature the recurring themes of cryptography, keys, symbols and codes, and have been translated into 51 languages.

Brown’s novels that feature the lead character Robert Langdon also include historical themes and Christianity as recurring motifs, and as a result, have generated controversy. Brown states on his website http://www.danbrown.com/#/home
 that his books are not anti-Christian, as he is a Christian himself, and says of his book The Da Vinci Code that it is simply “an entertaining story that promotes spiritual discussion and debate” and suggests that the book may be used “as a positive catalyst for introspection and exploration of our faith”.
According to me he has named the lead character as Langdon because of the artist

'John Langdon' without whom the ambigrams would have been impossible.

And here are few similarities in all of his books:
Each novel begins with a murder.
There will be very few and necessary characters in the novel.
The lead character will have some expertise in the field which helps in solving the mystery behind the murder.
He'l get a call when he's asleep, to go somewhere.
There'l be a lady related to the victim.
And the best part, all stories happen in one single day.

The one more best part about his books is 'all the description related to art, architecture, technology, weapons in the novel are real'. 

Wishing him a very happy birthday. 
Hope we get to read him a lot in the future.


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