Saturday, September 25, 2010

why vampires suck

Here is a funny blog which I came across with.It's by 
-MooMooCow. Please adjust with the gramatical mistakes here.
But before that I need to say that 'vampires suck' sucks.

Why Vampire Sucks?

Nuffnang is giving out tickets for the movie Vampires Suck! I'll have to share why Vampires Suck to get the tickets! So, i am writing it now. Err, but twilight fans better don't continue reading.

Why Vampire sucks?

First of all, They suck blood.
Not like mosquito, which sucks only a little tiny volume of blood from your body.
They will suck you until you are dry. And yeah, you are dead now.
And, imagine what will happen to them when they suck a person's blood which have HIV.
LOL. An AIDS vampire is moving around in the town?!

They look so pale, but their lips are so red.
I am wondering why they are so pale. Are they using whitening cream?

OH NO, it's so gay. And if yes, maybe they can be the Spokesperson of the whitening cream already. A vampires using whitening cream? it's sucks.

And and, why they lips so are red? Are they make up beside using the whitening cream? LOL

Many vampires looks depress, atleast what i saw from twilight.
Their hobby are acting cool? Or maybe they are just EMO.
Oh no, an EMO vampire.

They never die and does not need to sleep.
I believe most of the doctor will lose the job if we all are vampires.
and "never die" does not make sense at all.
and, They do not need to sleep also.

So when at midnight, if you saw someone peeping you through the windows, maybe its vampire. Oh yeah if it happen, please open the window and tell them, they are sucks.

They sparkle under sun. What?! Aren't they should be dying when they saw the sunlight? And now, they sparkle like a fairy. 

So a little girl may thought the vampire is fairy when she saw them sparkle under sun. Haiz, what a pity little girl.

They can run with very fast speed, and even fly.
Why they just go and join the Olympic instead of chase people to suck their blood? Because they sucks.

And they can fly.

Imagine a vampire flying around the airport, for example, KLIA. I bet they will surely bang by a aeroplane. And u guess what the pilot will say to the control center? "Oh no!! My aeroplane bang a Vampire! Help! control center please response!"
Do you think the control center will believe? LOL.

That's all for me. Sorry for having so much reason why vampires sucks.
Because they do really sucks.

Sorry to all twilight fans if you all feel offended. I told you not to read already. =/


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