Monday, February 7, 2011

Sorry to all ‘Inception’ lovers, but I gotta say this:

before you read this "I am one of the Inception lovers"

I loved every idea of the movie. Some dialogues were just as I had told to one of my friends(a couple of years back).
I actually lived the Cobb for a part of the movie, not that he is my favorite character in the movie ,NO he’s not.  I lived Cobb because his character was very close to me. 
BUT there is 1 thing I did not like about the movie. Christopher Nolan had put so much thought into every aspect of the story except for one, they actually try to ruin some good persons entire life efforts by corrupting the mind of a even better person Robert Fischer (his acting is too good in the movie, and it gives a positive impact on him).
Here’s what I think Nolan should have done. He could have changed that part of the movie and made use of Inception to make something good. Or else made the other guys look bad as if they were doing something right. It’s just a piece of cake for Nolan. If he can really think of Inception was it going to be hard to get the other part better? I don’t think so.
I told this thing to many of my friends and gotta know that they felt the same (unfortunately only after I pointed out to them, since they were carried away by the other very good part of the movie, which I think is extraordinary)


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